Logistics & Volunteer Director

Amy Takagi is the Logistics and Volunteer Director of Interlude Musical Outreach. 


As a member of Interlude, Amy oversees the operations of volunteers and lessons on an organization-wide basis. Through communications with each school chapter, she ensures that volunteers are able to transition smoothly into lessons and that students are able to get a high-quality experience from Interlude. Amy is also currently involved in content and curriculum development for volunteers to reference during their lessons, and also organizes volunteer sign-ups for other Interlude programs.

Amy is currently a junior at Northwood High School who plays viola and violin. She has been playing viola for 7 years and violin for 2 years, and is now hoping to learn guitar as a third instrument. As a violist, she has participated in orchestras such as the Northwood Philharmonic Orchestra, IUSD Honor Orchestra, SCSBOA All-Southern Orchestra, and the CASMEC All-State Symphony Orchestra. 


Aside from orchestra, Amy has studied music theory, and is currently studying music therapy and music business. She is also dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer and giving back to her community through a variety of volunteer work, such as donating food for homeless children and hosting carnivals for young children.