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Chairman & Interim Director of Finances

Kevin Moon

Kevin Moon is the Chairman and Director of Finances of Interlude Musical Outreach.


Kevin joined Interlude’s executive board in 2019 as director of finances and has continued to grow Interlude to new heights under his fiscal and executive leadership. Under his leadership, Interlude’s membership skyrocketed and Interlude participated in numerous charitable events. He spearheaded Interlude’s COVID-19 pandemic response and organized numerous virtual and helped establish MUSICfromHome. Most significantly, he managed the development of Interlude's proprietary application Interlude Connect. 

Kevin is a graduate of Northwood High School and currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine’s Campuswide Honors Collegium. He has played piano for over 10 years and in that time he has competed in various competitions such as SYMF.


Outside of Interlude, Kevin is an avid advocate for Korean culture and conducts research on humanitarian issues in East Asia, and public policy. He has also taught and competed in Taekwondo for many years, placing in national competitions and coaching at local and state levels.

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