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Executive Director

Mengshu Zhang

Mengshu Zhang is the Executive Director of Interlude Musical Outreach. 


Mengshu joined the organization back in 2017 as a strings teacher before being named Executive Director in the spring of 2020. He looks forward to making greater contributions to the organization and hopes to help inspire the next generation of young musicians.

Mengshu is currently a senior at Northwood High School who enjoys playing piano and violin. His performances and competitions have taken him along both coasts, having received accolades at local, regional, state, and international competitions. He has held assistant/principal chairs in premier ensembles such as the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra, SCSBOA All-Southern Orchestras, Strings for Generations, and IUSD Honor Orchestra in addition to participating in the CASMEC All-State Symphony Orchestra and String Orchestra. He also served as the assistant concertmaster of the Northwood High Philharmonic from 2018-19 was the Principal Violin II from 2019-20.


Outside of performance, Mengshu hopes to continue to inspire young musicians through community events, whether it be concerts, masterclasses, workshops, or lessons. He is also an advocate for educational equity, leading organizations dedicated to advancing opportunities in creative writing, peer tutoring, chemistry, swimming, and more. 

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