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Executive Director

Shani Lin is the Executive Director of Interlude Musical Outreach.

Shani first joined Interlude as a volunteer club member and is currently the President of her school's Interlude chapter, coordinating lessons between mentors and parents while expanding art education to the younger generation. She has previously served as the Vice President of Strings. As the Executive Director, Shani heads expansion to scale Interlude on a national level and oversees all aspects of the non-profit from outreach strategy and app development to educational curriculum and special events.

Shani is currently a senior at Northwood High School and plays the violin. With over 10 years of
experience, she has participated in orchestras including CASMEC All-State Honor Orchestra, All-Southern Honor Orchestra, IUSD Honor Orchestra, and Northwood Philharmonic Orchestra. Along her musical journey, Shani has enjoyed mentoring students, performing alongside professional musicians, and
participating in recording sessions.

Aside from music, Shani plays golf leisurely and competitively. She is the captain of the Northwood girls varsity team. Shani is passionate about the intersection of business and the natural sciences, seeking to develop real-world solutions that advance social good. She is also involved in various leadership roles at
various non-profit initiatives that play an active role in giving back to the community.

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